About Us

401kBasics is the retirement plan resource for plan sponsors and participants alike. Through this site, find out what’s new and relevant in the retirement plan industry. The DOL and IRS are constantly changing the regulations pertaining to retirement plans, but with this page you’ll have one centralized location to find these updates and can forget about having to check each source individually.

Here, you’ll not only have just one stop to read about what’s new with the regulators, but will also find useful information from other reputable sources including, but not limited to ASPPA, PBGC, and McKay Hockman.

This page will eliminate the need to use search engines to locate answer to your questions. 401kBasics is organized with all relevant information broken down into easy to follow categories such as Compensation, Plan Design, Plan Amendments, Participant Guidance…etc.

The articles found in 401kBasics are written in plain English, cutting out the legal lingo of the IRS and DOL.

401kBasics–Your Retirement Plan Resource